Slackety slack slack!

Slackety slack slack…the only way I can describe my lapse of blog entries for the past year!  Seriously, where did the past year go??
I used to love blogging, then switched blog sites at the end of 2012 and found it difficult to find my groove again…telling myself that next month I’ll get back into it.  Unfortunately the whole year went by and I just didn’t make time for it.

BUT, during some of these hottest days of Summer I’ve made the most of being tucked away under my air conditioner, and kept busy updating my website galleries and blog posts from the past year.

It was a busy year and there was just too much for me to share every session, but I figured some was better than none!   If you were familiar with my old blog, you may also notice I haven’t included the little stories I used to write about my sessions…again, just too much to catch up on, but I’m dedicated to being more on top of it from this point.

And the best part of this process?  I’m in love with blogging again…I’ve really missed it!

So, grab a coffee, take a load off for awhile, and see if you can find some familiar faces.

Ange x



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