About Me

 So you’d like to know a little something about me?


My name is Angela (very happy to be called Ange), and I’m a mum of four boys.  Three are teenagers, and the youngest isn’t far behind.  The crazy, silly antics never stop in my house, and for the most part, I love every ridiculous moment.

I love the purity of a simple style of photography.  Cliche or gimmicky scenes are not really my thing…I’d prefer it to just be you and your children, perhaps a favourite toy or two, some beautiful late afternoon sunshine…and me with my camera.  That’s all I need to create something special for you to share with your family in future years.  Something to giggle at, to talk about, to remember, or perhaps even to cry over. We never know where life will take us…how wonderful it is to be able to record the journey.

 You’ll never hear me say “cheese” during a session, as I think there’s something very special about capturing that unique expression on a child’s face when they’re not posing for the camera. The moment of wonder as a small child touches the soft petals of a daisy; the playful wrestling between siblings; the sheer delight of being tickled by Mum or Dad. These are the kind of images that will stir your soul and hold fascination for future generations.

If you feel my style is a good match for you, I would be honoured to preserve those kind of memories for your family.

F a c e b o o k